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A Comfortable Clean From Crown to Toe

Anyone who has ever been to a concert, sporting event or spent hours on a worksite understands the necessity of a portable toilet. But have you ever considered renting a portable shower? Not the most conventional method, but definitely the most convenient one, portable showers make keeping fresh and hygienic while on the go easy. Whether hosting an athletics day for musty teens or operating a busy construction site, our shower hire services provide Adelaide locals with the steamy and spacious solution they need. Contact us to rent yours today.

Portable Showers Fit For Royalty

There’s nothing better than jumping in a hot shower after a hard day of work or recreation. How annoying is it, though, when you have to drive all the way home in traffic before you can feel fresh and clean? Sometimes, you might not even make it home at all, forcing yourself to run errands or go out in public covered in the dirt, dust, and debris of the day. But at King’s Thrones, we’re here to nip that problem in the bud, offering portable shower hire to Adelaide locals, helping them freshen up wherever they are.

But, Portable Showers? Aren’t They Dingy And Claustro?

We can see why you’d think that, but at Kings Thrones, we offer nothing but premier showers that are as roomy and convenient as they are hygienic. Here, let us tell you about them:


If you’ve ever used our portable toilets, you know what to expect in terms of measurements. Our portable shower rentals share the same dimensions: 1100mm wide, 1100mm long, and 2300mm high. Just take out the loo and basin, replace them with a shower head, and Bob’s your uncle. You have optimal space to bathe in comfort.


Well, perhaps not quite the Sydney Opera House, but our portable showers have excellent acoustics due to their innovative design. The shower units are made from high-quality HDPE plastics and feature double-layer, vented walls. This installation insulates the interior for a warm shower yet prevents excessive steam build-up. They have a translucent roof that provides sufficient light during the day or from an overhead spot at night. You know, so you can see where you’re washing.

Additionally, our portable showers’ sleek design makes site placement a snap and allows us to swap out the units if needed.

Alright, But Didn’t You Say They Weren’t Cramped?

Yep, because they’re not. Our portable showers are state-of-the-art, and we promise there’s ample room to wash with ease. You won’t bang your elbows or bump your head — even Reilly O’Brien would appreciate the space!

Whether coming off the back of a gruelling bike ride or a day out on the fishing boat, we guarantee lathering up in our portable showers is a breeze.

Now I’m Curious. What’s Inside Them?

Well, not Reilly or any Ivan Soldo, but our transportable showers offer something even better — Convenience. Inside them, you’ll find:

  • An adjustable showerhead for full-body coverage.
  • Hot and cold mixer. Adjust the temperature to your preferences.
  • Mirror. Gotta make sure you look the part.
  • Door lock. Security and safety is essential.
  • Towel hook. Just don’t forget to bring one! Oh, and your clothes. You’ll need those.
  • Shelf. Easily access your toiletries.
  • Bottom floor drain. We hire out portable showers, not portable baths.

Sounds Steamy! What’s the Go With the Water?

Great question! Our portable showers contain an integrated gas heater that produces hot water. Flow is economical and consistent, meaning showers can maintain a continuous surge of dirty bodies. When you hire a shower from Kings Thrones, all you have to provide is clean, fresh water and the grey water catch. Oh, and the soap if you’re feeling a little fancy!

Sign Me Up! Can I Hire Your Portable Showers For Any Adelaide Event?

Pretty much! We deliver our showers to almost every area in Adelaide and have helped keep the public fresh and clean at various events across the city, including:

  • Festivals — Keeping staff, volunteers, and partygoers clean over multi-day music and arts events.
  • Camping — School camps, fishing trips, hiking clubs, angler meets, and other adventure expeditions.
  • Sporting Events — Marathons, mud runs, recruitment training, sports carnivals, cycling races, outdoor adventure events, round-robin field sports, you name it.
  • Worksites — Construction and demolition sites; farms; film, TV, and radio production locations; other operational zones.

We can even organise temporary shower hire for those in a bind, providing peace of mind when they need it most. Circumstances may include:

  • Natural disaster relief zones
  • Plumbing crises
  • Home renovations
  • Decontamination facilities
  • Wherever permanent shower access is disrupted
  • Whenever unexpected hygiene needs arise

Portable Showers From Kings Thrones: A Noble Hygiene Solution

Hiring a portable shower (or toilet, for that matter), shouldn’t be a stressful and complex task. Simply call us, tell us your needs and where you’re located, and let our jovial technicians do the rest! We’ll arrive on time with your portable shower/s, delivering and setting them up on-site for your convenience. The setup process is straightforward, but we won’t bore you with the details — it’s our job, after all!

All you need to know is that we’ll take care of pretty much everything, from fulfilling and delivering your order to hooking up and securing water flow to the units. Just organise a collection time, and we’ll be there to pack up and take everything away, leaving the site clean, tidy, and as good as new.

Why Choose Us?

We Offer Flexible Hire Solutions

Whether you need to hire portable showers for 1-7 days or require them for an extended period, we’re here to accommodate your needs. Just tell us what you’re after, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

We’re Committed to Personal Hygiene and Excellence

We service all of our showers before delivery and after pick-up. We also ensure meticulous cleaning and sanitisation to help protect Adelaide from the spread of germs and bacteria, protecting your patrons and safeguarding your reputation.

We’re Funny!

Our team doesn’t take itself too seriously. With so many poo pun opportunities, how could we? When you rent a portable shower from Kings Thrones, we’ll not only take care of all the logistics, but we’ll lather up your funny bone, too!

We’re Reliable

Sure, we love to have a laugh, but that doesn’t hinder us from providing high-quality portable showers and impeccable workmanship. At the end of the day, it boils down to you: our customer. We’re committed to delivering clean, modern, and functional units installed with leading expertise.

Don’t Let Your Event Circle the Drain. Hire a Portable Shower From Kings Thrones Today!

Whether you’re hosting a festival, need facilities for your construction crew, or a temporary shower to see out a renovation, we’ve got you covered. Spacious, steamy and sanitised, our portable showers for hire offer Adelaide the perfect combination of convenience and comfort.

Need the loo, instead? We’re also proud to offer stately dunnies, clean, modern, and delivered directly to you! Whatever portable bathroom amenity you’re after, you can rely on Kings Thrones to provide the solution you need. Book yours today!


Kings Thrones has the portable toilet and shower solutions you need, available for hire in Adelaide.

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