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Portable showers, you ask? Yes, we all get the need for portable toilets, but portable showers? If that has you stumped, you may not realise the necessity of a hot shower during a multi-day sporting event in and around Adelaide. Kings Thrones has spacious, steamy hot portable showers for hire and our stately dunnies.

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You’ve read this far, so obviously, you’re interested in renting a portable shower in Adelaide for your sporting event, construction site or a temporary camp. Let’s impress you with the benefits of renting your showers (and dunnies) from Kings Thrones because our positionable ablution facilities are fit for royalty.

The shower unit measures 1100mm by 1100mm and 2300 mm high, the same dimensions as our portable toilets. This feature makes placement planning a snap and enables swapping units based on usage requirements that suddenly present themselves. There’s ample room in the shower not to bang your elbows or bump your head while working up a full-body lather, something we all appreciate after a gruelling bike ride or fishing all day.

Inside our portable showers, you’ll find the adjustable shower head, hot and cold mixer, mirror, door lock, towel hook, shelf, and bottom floor drain. The integrated gas heater produces hot water, which is economical and consistent for a continuous flow of dirty bodies. All you have to provide are clean, fresh water, the grey water catch, and, optionally, the soap.

Portable Shower Hire in Adelaide

Well, perhaps not quite the Sydney Opera House, but our portable showers have excellent acoustics due to their innovative design. The shower units are made from high-quality HDPE plastics and feature double-layer, vented walls. This installation insulates the interior for a warm shower yet prevents excessive steam build-up. The translucent roof provides sufficient light during the day or from an overhead spot at night, so you can see where you’re washing.

We deliver, and our technicians do all the hook-ups on-site when you hire a shower from Kings Thrones in Adelaide. That’s right, spacious portable showers for hire and available (almost) anywhere in Adelaide are as easy as booking how many, telling us when and where. We’ll be there with our showers, toilets, funny jokes, free, biodegradable loo paper, and commitment to personal hygiene excellence.


Kings Thrones has the portable toilet and shower solutions you need, available for hire in Adelaide.

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Kings Thrones is a family-owned and -operated company in South Australia, with over 10 years of experience in the industry for portable toilet hire.


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